Quick Answer: Where Did Sasuke Live After The Massacre?

Where did Sasuke go after the war?

19 He Left Konoha For Years At A Time Following the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke spent a little time in Konoha’s prison for his actions..

Where did Sasuke grow up?

Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Itachi, a natural prodigy who many in the Uchiha clan and the village would constantly compare Sasuke and any of his accomplishments to. Sasuke himself adored Itachi, never passing up an opportunity to spend time with him.

Who took care of Naruto as a baby?

Naruto lived alone as a child. As for who took care of him while he was a baby, no one knows. The people that took care of him in his childhood were people like the Sandaime, Iruka, and the ramen guy. However, they did not fulfill the roles of parents.

Does Naruto Die?

Though he’s been taken out of commission, and is potentially dead, it’s more likely he’s survived off screen with his huge arsenal of abilities. For some reason, he just isn’t being written to use them lately. Naruto’s death has greater implications beyond baiting the reader.

How many times did Sasuke see his parents die?

Sasuke was forced to watch his parents die 518,400 times by Itachi. Tsukuyomi lasts 72 hours.

Why does Sasuke want to be alone?

Sasuke’s hokage has to be alone because according to him having connections is weak, it puts holes in his plan so he had to cut his one and only real connection and that was his bond with Naruto. By killing Naruto sasuke would have become the one hokage who had severed himself from all connection for the world’s sake.

Where does Naruto live in real life?

Naruto is also a real-life island: Naruto Island. Naruto is also a straight: the Naruto Strait, where the Seto Inland Sea meets the Kii Channels of the Pacific Ocean. This strait passes between Naruto Island of Tokushima Prefecture and Awaji Island in Hyougo Prefecture.

Where did Sasuke live after his parents died?

He probably lived like Naruto, alone in an apartment somewhere eating Ramen. Jiraya seems to have looked into Naruto but he definitely didn’t speak to him until the Hot Springs. Iruka didn’t take care of him at all.

Where did Sasuke live?

I used to believe that Sasuke rented an apartment in Konoha, but he actually lives in the Uchiha district.